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Find a great Broadband plan easily!

The Internet is medium to connect to World, helps us learn and opens up a whole era of entertainment. And your broadband plan powers the lot - it fuels your home just like electricity.

By comparing Broadband plans from all of the major providers, you can save upto £800 per year, whether you order or switch your existing connection through us.

Choosing the right package!

You wont buy a car without checking and comparing different makes & models, so why go for the wrong broadband connection? We help you find your perfect plan - but before we get started, check out the below:


There are a few things you need to bear in mind before you sign up for a new broadband plan:


Are there many simultaneous users connected to the Wi-Fi and gobbling up the gigabytes? As well as speed, you’ll need a generous usage limit - ideally, a high usage broadband.

One Bundle

Telecoms Supermarket is bringing first time in UK One Plan, one provider and one bill. It’s nearly always cheaper and easier to bundle them all together in one package with just the one monthly bill to pay.

What speed should I go for?

General thumb of rule states faster broadband gives you better online experience. With a faster connection you can download and stream without ever hanging around, and it shouldn't matter how many people in your house use the internet at once. Not everyone needs superfast broadband, though. You’ll find cheap broadband deals with lesser speeds, and it’s only worth paying extra if you’ll benefit from something quicker. Here’s a simple guide to broadband speeds:

Standard - Up to 16Mb

If you’re a general user checking emails, browsing websites, shopping and reading news, our standard plan will be sufficient for you. Standard packages with speeds of up to 16Mb are enough for light internet usage.

Superfast - Up to 40Mb - 100Mb

If you are an office with handful users or home wiith family watching TV and films, or download music and games, you’ll find our Superfast broadband will work just perfect. It’s perfect for office/household of five or more people, who all want to be online.

Superfast Fibre - Up to 100Mb - 300Mb

For larger offices/families, with everyone connected - on tablets, mobile phones, PCs and consoles - our Superfast Fibre is absolutely a worthwhile investment.

Attention -

* Please check plans properly for post usage speeds.

* Most Unlimited plans also have FUP.

* Service Taxes extra as applicable.

* Telecoms Supermarket UK reserves the right to remove/modify the plan without any prior notice.

* Activation charges and router charges applicable. Check for special offers with Free router and Free Activation.

All above plans and offers are subject to directives by OFCOM and ISPA.


Disclaimer - We strive hard to keep upto date information on our platform. However from time to time providers change the plans or stop the promotion. Please confirm by calling us or check the respective providers website.


*Savings based on switching from separate broadband and phone services to a comparable bundle. Separate services assume standard ongoing annual costs.

*Indicative Speeds. Broadband Speed may be lower at peak times and can be affected by a range of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive may be lower that listed above. The deals listed above are subject to availablity and may not be available where you want.

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