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Telecoms Supermarket UK has made it simple for you to explore only the things that are important to you when looking for the right mobile phone plan. So if there's a particular mobile phone network that you'd like to get a deal with, or you know that you only want plans with unlimited data and calls, then you can compare it right here, without having to search through thousands of plans.
  • Save Time: just pick the kind of mobile plan you're looking for and we'll show you what's available
  • Save Money: there are many types of prepaid and postpaid plans out there and there's no one-size-fits-all. Telecoms Supermarket UK mobile calculators help you pick the cheap deals and get the right mobile plan based on what you need
  • Wide selection of deals: there are literally thousands of mobile phone plans to choose from. We've brought them together in one place for you
  • Simple: we've made the job of getting the perfect mobile plan simpler for you. Choose what kind of plan you want and we'll do the rest
Mobile Sim card price comparison
Telecoms Supermarket Uk compares the UK mobile market and make it simple for our users to find great mobile plans in one place. So whether you're looking for a new postpaid or prepaid connection, or just want to grab a Data SIM deal for your existing phone, you're sure to find a great offer using our calculators.
Choice of Networks
There are handful networks out there in the UK market today, which can make it difficult to decide what the right network and connection is for you. We've brought together a broad range of Postpaid and Prepaid deals to suit any pocket. 
Top PAYG SIM deals
A Prepaid Sim plan gives you minutes, texts and Internet data package. Prepaid Sim only deals range from 28-day plans to rolling contracts. Getting a Prepaid SIM only deal is great if you don’t want to enter into a contract or have a minimum term on your connection. Just make sure that you get the right size SIM card for your phone and that if your phone is grey import in UK, chances are it is locked to a certain network then you'll need to unlock your phone too.
Best new 4G Network
4G gives faster internet speeds than 3G, which means website pages load faster and you're more likely to be able to stream content such as videos and films without as much buffering. Uploading photos to social media will also be faster. Do you use your phone mainly at home? If you’re connected to Wi-Fi then you'll not be using the 4G connection anyway. 4G plans can cost more than 3G plans. If you want 4G remember that you'll need to 3 things: a 4G phone, a 4G tariff and be in a 4G coverage area.
Compare network deals
There is a good choice when it comes to networks. We compare the big boys such as Vodafone UK, Three, O2, Idea and EE as well as some of the smaller ones that offer good value for money.
  • Vodafone UK deals
  • Three SIM deals
  • T-Mobile SIM deals
  • GifGaff SIM deals
  • Tesco Mobile deals
  • EE SIM deals
Latest mobile tariff plans
You can get a minutes, texts and data plan either on its own from a choice of network, connectivity or as part of a new handset package on a Postpaid contract. The chances are you already own a mobile and you already have a plan.
What is P plan?
As the name suggests Prepaid plan is a type of mobile plan that doesn't ties you with network for X number of months neither includes a phone, but does gives you a SIM and a monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data.
SIM card is a microchip almost same size of a postage stamp which holds all of mobile phone's configuration information, for example the mobile phone number and call plan. Without a SIM card, a mobile phone will not work. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module.
When a SIM card is activated, it is permanently locked to the particular network. But its not locked to a particular phone. This means you can easily change mobile phone handsets but keep your phone number. Your friend’s phone numbers and any saved messages or photos will remain as well.
I have found a good Prepaid deal with my existing network. What happens now?
So you’ve chosen the Prepaid deal you want and you’re certain are good to go then fill in a small form and we will take it further from there. 
You’ll then get your new Prepaid SIM with new number with 1-3 days once your order is processed. It’s that simple.
I want a Prepaid deal with another network. What do I do?
The very first step is to check that you’re free to switch. The best way to do this is to ring your network or make sure you have been with your current network for atleast 90 days.
Once you’ve established that you are, pick a Prepaid only deal and network that suits you using the Telecoms Supermarket comparison filters and sign up for it. Your new SIM card should arrive within 1-3 days.
In the meantime, you need to get your UPC using Mobile number portability process.
If you want to keep your number, make sure you also ask your current network for a UPC code (Unique Porting Code) when you notify them you’d like to leave. We’ll look at how you use your UPC code more closely in the section below.
What is MNP?
If you want to keep your number when you change networks, you'll need to initiate MNP for a UPC code from your current provider.
MNP stands for Mobile number portability.
What do I do with my old SIM?
Are you worried that your SIM and the contacts, text messages and other personal information stored on it may fall into the wrong hands? Then you'll need to dispose of it carefully.
Just as you would with an old credit card, the safest thing to do is take the SIM and use scissors to cut it up.
While you're cutting the SIM, ensure that you damage the gold foil so you make absolutely certain there's no way anyone can retrieve your personal information.
You're then free to throw the old SIM away.
Will there be a Credit check? What happens if my credit score is poor?
Doesn’t matter if you take up Prepaid or Postpaid connection, one have to provide a KYC (Know your customer) proof with Aadhaar card. It is mandatory to furnish a copy of your aadhaar card. There may be a CIBIL check if you want to take up a SIM with iPhone (Subject to Airtel offer).
The only major difference between Postpaid and Prepaid is that you'll have to remember to recharge your Prepaid connection to ensure you've got credit.
MicroSIM? NanoSIM? How can I be sure I'm getting the right SIM for my phone?
Different phones use different SIM’s. Older phones use Micro SIM, while newer models use Nano SIM.
The only sure way to tell them apart is size.
A microSIM measures around 0.6” long by 0.5” wide.
A NanoSIM is a little bit smaller at 0.5” long by 0.3” wide.
The good news is that networks now offer what are called Combi SIMs and Multi SIMs too.
Multi SIMs are three-in-one SIMs that will fit your phone whether you need a standard SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM. Multi SIMs now come as standard with most networks.
Will I lose service if I switch to a Prepaid plan with another network?
Changing network process has been designed to keep the time you're without a service down to a minimum.
Even after you've given the network you're joining your UPN code (see above for a more detailed explanation of UPN codes), so you'll still be able to take calls and receive texts during this time.
Your service goes down for a very short period when transfer to your new network happens.
To check if the network transfer has is completed, simply insert your new SIM in the phone and restart it. If you're got a service, you're good to go.
Which networks offer Prepaid deals?
Prepaid deals are available from all the major mobile phone networks including:
Vodafone UK 
Tesco Mobile
Lebara mobile
What is Contract Connection?
Contract connection is also known as Postpaid connection. As the name suggests you don’t have to worry about recharging your SIM as the outgoing stops once you have consumed all the credit.
You will get a bill at the end of the month, which needs to be paid up within stipulated time for uninterrupted service.
It’s easy to convert a Prepaid connection to Postpaid connection with same or different network as and when required.
What is International Roaming Prepaid Connection?
International Roaming Pre-paid SIM cards makes mobile communication easier and cheaper for you. You could be travelling to anywhere in the World – Telecoms Supermarket UK provides local SIM Cards for every country with lowest tariffs to call UK.
Our product line is Local in nature and has no competition in UK.
Prepaid International SIM card
Easier & Cheaper than buying SIM when overseas
Why wait to land in a foreign country, stand in a queue and use foreign exchange to buy a local SIM Card when the same service is offered by Telecoms Supermarket UK. Buy your SIM online, get it delivered to your doorstep within 2 days and share your mobile number even before you fly out.
No monthly rentals
Telecoms Supermarket UK – International SIM Card belongs to you, No rentals, No returning the SIM, No worries of waiting for a bill at the end of every month; just pay as you go service to ensure that your mobile bills are the lowest.
No credit card blocks
Post-paid International SIM cards are pain in the back! Why should you even allow a telecom provider to debit or authorize your credit card? Take control of your communication costs and switch to pre-paid and enjoy both voice and data at lowest charges.
Free UK calling
Having done an exhaustive analysis of mobile bills of international travellers, we understand that 70% of the value of bills is for making calls back home to UK – as a traveller you get either best and cheap tariff to call UK or Uk calling is included within your allowance.