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IOS 11- What you will like and dislike

 IOS 11-Best Apple iphone Mobile phones -  What you will like and dislike
Apple has always been gifting it's customers with latest upgrades and new variety of products and services. Hence, in this article, we will talk about the negative reviews about iOS 11 and later on things that will make you happy.The world famous IOS Has launched its 11th version and we are hearing different kind of reviews about the iPhone operating system. The most talked about point about ios 11 was a bug that caused hindrance for Microsoft Exchange users and they couldn't send or receive emails on their iPhones.While this issue has been fixed, another big annoyance is the keyboard which is in different order and looks very confused.The flick key features are not preferred by all users and hence, this feature should come as an option and not as default keyboard in the IOS.
32 Bit applications not supported on iOS 11
The upgrade to ios11 is good but what should we do with our apps running on 32 bit.The IOS 11 does not support the 32 bit and unless the app developers don't upgrade the apps, these apps will be useless on iTs 11.Hence, this is also one noticeable drawback. Moreover,  as developers haven't updated the 32 bit apps yet, chances are that these apps become useless forever.Navigation through the settings menu took some time to turn off Wi-Fi and blue tooth and hence, most of us quickly toggled through control center to turn off above mentioned features.Another disappointment with its 11 is that those controls are still there but don't turn off the features completely. Also, you need to.install the apps on your phone in order to post messages on Facebook or Twitter and you''ll able to just go through settings option and do so. Hence, there is lack of Facebook or twitter Integration. Another reason why some people don't prefer installing these apps as they don't like being disturbed by unnecessary pop up messages on Facebook or Twitter. Everyone likes the upgraded app store but the ads that pop up are a big nuisance specially when you are onto something really important.But in IOS11,you'll be getting plenty of auto play ads. You surely turn off the ads by settings menu and then toggling through iTunes and app stores to turn off video . auto play. You can also choose the Wi-Fi only option if you like the ads but don't want them to reduce your data.
Features that will attract you towards iOS11
1.Increased Storage-  The upgraded compression format in iOS11 will help. you store more photos and videos of your favourite event or family function or sports day. As per Apple , the storage capacity has almost doubled in iOS 11 than what it was in iOS10. 
2. App Store becomes neater and more organized-  You''ll find the app store more organized and arranged in iTS.The game lovers can find a separate tab and hence, new ones are easier to find.You can.have a personalized" today" tab to highlight your favourite apps and games.
3.Live photo quality just got better-  The live photos in iOS 11 can be easily.converted into gif format and.vice versa. You can also select your favourite frame of live photo for sharing on social networks like Facebook.
4. Save time through smarter iPhone keyboard-  You find an intelligent keyboard here in iOS11 and on've you type like just Hu and you will be suggested of words such as humble or hundred etc.So the point here is you don't need to waste your time in typing the whole word.It is also easy to handle the key board with one hand.Just hold the emoji key and select one hand typing to move all keys closer to your thdumb.
5. Messages app redesigned-  Apple also redesigned the app drawer for easy browsing of various stickers and Memphis.
6. Siri to sound less robotic
The voice assistant in Apple iPhone will sound more natural with iOS 11 like Amazon's Alexa assistant.
7. Dont worry if you forget your password-  In case you've not noted down your password,  no need to panic as with iOS11, you just need to find a person already using it and hold your device near them for transferring password immediately.
8.The volume. Box in iOS11 Will look slimmer-  The annoying Volume box blocking your vision at center of computer screen will not be a problem in iOS11.
9. Setting up new iPhone or iPad became less time consuming-  Now, no need to spend more time in setting up your new Apple device as you just need to hold it closer to previously owned Apple iPhone or iPad and all settings, preferences or password will be automatically transferred to the new phone.
10.Manage Control Center yourself with iOS 11 -
Managing Control Center is easy and we can.choose our own short cuts and buttons
11. Notifications got simpler in IOS 11- viewing notifications are easy in IOS 11 and we just need to pull down from top of screen to see all recent and missed notifications.
12. Apple brings life saving feature with IOS 11- Apple gifts you safe driving with do not disturb mode on IOS 11. Moreover, the callers or messaging person will receive notification that you are driving and call them back later.
13. The Apple maps got better - If you are travelling with ios 11 installed Apple iphone Mobile phones around the world,  it is easier for you to find various locations whether you are at the airport or other important place.Many new locations have been added in the ios 11.
Hence,as we find various positive and.negative reactions to the new operating system for Apple iPhone, it will be interesting to see the practical experience.We need to.give some time to the new OS in town.Till then stay tuned for latest updates from Telecoms supermarket uk and don't forget to share your comments. Thanks and take care.