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Fastest Broadband Speed Provider in London

 Fastest Broadband Speed Provider in London


Different people across the world have different preferences and choosing a broadband connection particularly in London, UK is not so simple. The people from London are really disciplined in terms of their time. Well folks, in the United Kingdom we have broad range of Broadband service providers but the leading name is Virgin Media. The Virgin media is actually an international television and telecommunications company with its headquarters in Hook, Hampshire.

Why Virgin Media?

Virgin Media is one of the best broadband speed providers in U.K and you don’t even need to have a phone line for getting connected. While speaking to it’s existing customers in London, I came to know about it’s excellent customer service and unmatchable speeds over it’s competitors. Though it looks a bit costlier but the price is justified with your work ending up in a quality manner. Also, you don’t need a British Telecom phone line for getting a VM broadband connection like other service providers in U.K.

What are the speeds ?

Although the advertised speeds are 50 Mbps, customers on Virgin Media are getting average download speeds in between 46.1 mbps and 49.6 mbps.So the speed actually looks cool.

Some speeds for Virgin Media connections can be understood as mentioned below in table:


Average Download Speed during peak hours (8PM-10PM)

Average Download Speed Over 24 Hours


53.9 Mbps

54.4 Mbps


106.2 Mbps

107.8 Mbps


209 Mbps

214.7 Mbps


349.5 Mbps

358.4 Mbps


So folks, depending upon the work requirement, the users can choose the broadband plan which actually suits their requirement and moreover their budget.

How to apply for Virgin Media Broadband connection                                       

As we discussed earlier, The Virgin Media is famous for it’s customer service and so, you can either walk upto their stores in the cities of UK or just take up the phone and call on their customer support number. The representative from the company will come to your home and show you the demo of the speeds and you can also discuss the requirement for your broadband connection. So, this way you can choose the best Virgin Media Broadband plan for your work needs whether it is home or your office.

Virgin Media Broadband is actually faster and unlimited

Virgin Media broadband speeds are actually faster than other national ISP in United Kingdom. Their fastest average speed is 3632Mb which leaves behind British Telecoms average speed of 67 mbps. Virgin Media also includes unlimited packages with no download limit. It is truly unlimited. So there are no hidden caps or catches and moreover Virgin Media has also boosted its 4G speed.

So people, I am sure that after reading this article, you will have an idea about the Virgin Media Broadband but I would suggest you can see the demonstration first before making the final decision. Although the Name Virgin Media is itself famous worldwide but you need to hit the arrow at the correct place and so the key is fulfilling your requirement. For any further assistance, feel free to write to Telecoms Supermarket , U.K and you can also call on their contact number. 

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