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Leased Line Vs Broadband | What and how?


 Leased Line Vs Broadband


As we hear about Broadband, internet is the word that generally comes to our mind. With the evolution of internet and the recent speed and connectivity issues, a lot is being talked and discussed about broadband as it is considered the most high speed internet providing facility nowadays. Hence, Leased line is mostly seen as a thing for corporate world and if we compare the Speed requirement, it is actually more suitable for the professional use in an official environment.Find Best broadband deals in uk

 What is Broadband and Leased Line ?

 Talking in terms of layman, A broadband is a facility that provides high speed internet. Now, Broadband solved the problem of slow rate of data transfer as the band of data that can be transferred in broadband connection is a bit broader as compared to the previous dial-up connections. Moreover, the line provided by the service provider (Eg. BSNL) can be used as a  telephone simultaneously while using it for internet purpose.Hence, this is another big advantage of broadband.As all lines are always connected to the internet server in a broadband,  we don't need to dial a number. Hence, the broadband being digital is able to provide good connectivity and greater speed as compared to dial-up connections which were analog.


Now what is leased line? The word lease gives an indication towards rental and yes it is provided by the ISP in exchange of a fixed amount of monthly or annual fees. But, Internet Leased Line tarrif unlike Broadband is a dedicated line for a certain company or personnel use. It cannot be shared and hence providing greater and stable upload and download speeds.As compared to broadband connections, bigger organizations like hospitals, colleges or company offices prefer Internet leased line . The main reasons are discussed below :




Leased Line 


Broadband is not a single dedicated connection between premises and the local exchange. Being variable bandwidth, it is not similar faster for downloads and uploads


A Leased Line is a dedicated connection between our building and the service provider Hence providing similar upload and download speeds.


Can be shared with other


Is a dedicated line and hence, can be shared only within same company or customer


Comparatively cheaper

The cost is higher


Limited choice of bandwidth

Broader choice of bandwidth selection (64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 2 Mbps and 155 mbps etc


Broadband offers good speed and is good for personnel use like voice chatting, skype etc

The Internet Leased Lines are preferred as they offer better better QoS (Quality of Service) when compared to broadband easier to run voice conferences, video etc. without interruption. With business Leased line, there is more clarity in communication.


Hence, wireless Leased Line are more suitable for corporate use as it can be used to form a VPN (Virtual Private Network) across multiple branches more effectively than broadband connections. Yes, Broadband has its own advantages like low cost and mobile internet access but consistently better performing Leased Lines is preferred choice for larger networks. Moreover, the cost of leased line broadband is also coming down with passage of time.