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Leased Line vs MPLS

In the present fast-paced world, success of your organisation depends strongly on your organisation’s communication infrastructure. Internet is one of the most effective and essential communication tools for any organisation. That is why Telecoms Supermarket uk offers Internet Leased Line which provides your organisation a permanent high-speed connectivity.
What is MPLS?
The acronym MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching and is offered as a totally bespoke, secure and private network made for large businesses. This is a private circuit that combines voice, video and data, whilst also connecting multiple sites and remote workers. It is a high speed, reliable network with dedicated QoS (Quality of Service) which allows your business to flexibly prioritise the traffic coming in and our of your business connection.
Leased Lines and MPLS both are available over copper & Fiber medium, both also support high bandwidths.
Parameters Leased Line MPLS
Connectivity Type                               Multi or Point to Point Point to Point
Bandwidth High High
CAPEX and OPEX usually lower cost than P2P leased line links Higher than MPLS links
Quality of service Service provider QoS for prioritization of delay sensitive and mission critical traffic  Partially or no QoS
Scalability MPLS  is an efficient technology that is easily scaled Leased line ar the most difficult to scale, both because of the time needed for deployment and expense 
Performance   Improved performance especially when spoke to spoke communiction  Low performance in spoke to spoke communicatioms since HUB incurs additional hop which is not the case in MPLS
Segration of customer traffic   Logical sepration of customer trafic  Physical sepration of customer traffic 
Routing decision Service provider is involved in layer 3 routing of the customer traffic Service provider doces not involve in routing decision of custpmer traffic
Security High level by logical sepration of traffic  Most secured due to physical sepration of traffic
Physical medium  Shared across multiple customers Dedicated to customer
Leased Line recommended for
1. large enterprise with a requirement for secure and private network 
2. have multiple websites spread across a large area
3. fast growing organizations with inorganic growth of website
1. require guaranted bandwith
2. need to transfer large data reliably and fast between websites