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Mobile Broadband in UK

Mobile Broadband in UK 

There are certain terms and conditions with the Internet Service Providers everywhere in the world and likewise in the United Kingdom, we have contracts or pay as you go. We can say that prepaid or postpaid in India. So What exactly is Mobile Broadband? Well folks, Mobile Broadband uses your mobile phone network to connect you to the internet like the Data package in your smartphone but here in this case as a special contract where text messages and calls are not included. 

Mobile Broadband is suitable if you match few of these criteria

1.If You are regular or business traveler

Even in Urban areas, we might find certain pockets where Phone Signal is available but no data connection and we need to connect internet, we can get connected through dongle or personal hotspot where there is converage. 

2.Low Usage requirement

Not all people require heavy data pack per month and don’t need to enter monthly contract with broadband company and so in this case, mobile broadband gives you option of paying as per your usage. 

3. Landline not necessary 

In case of Mobile Broadband, we don’t need to have a Landline connection at home. So we can save on monthly rental as well. So, if you don’t need to download videos etc, this option is more suited for you. 

4. For people relocating at short intervals

If your business or nature of job requires you to change locations at short intervals, then the Mobile Broadband is more convenient as you are saved from the hassles of relocating your Broadband services. 

5. For students

This option is easier for students who need to be connected while studying and in lectures as well as student union meetings etc. 

6. Handy as a backup connection

Well, Mobile Broadband can be useful backup connection for you while your regular connection goes down temporarily. So you can be connected with the outside world and carry on with your work. 

Few setbacks for Mobile Broadband

Although Mobile Broadband has its own pack of advantages like Good 4G speed, low on cost, being flexible and easy, Convenient with portable devices like laptop and ipad. Moreover, you can save few more bucks by getting an ipod or tablet with a Mobile Broadband offer. But there are certain disadvantages also  as  discussed below :

1. Battery drains quickly with 4G usage. So you need to recharge your device quickly 

2. Download caps are generally low with topmost being expected to be around 50GB per month.

3. Inconsistent speed as dependent on number of users in particular area and whether 4G coverage in the area  is good. 

4. It is expensive for users who have high data requirement. This way, Wi-Fi or other options are more suitable for you.

5. Usage Abroad is not always possible. As most networks don’t permit to use your mobile broadband service overseas, purchasing an ad on for roaming will prove to be more expensive. 

How to get Mobile Broadband and who are providers 

Well folks, First and foremost thing as I have been advising my readers in most of my articles is not get carried away and be practical in choosing what is best for you according to your requirements. Afterall, the best doctor is one who diagnoses best. So you can do best diagnosis of your requirements. 

Firstly you should check the coverage and signal etc in your area which means your place of stay because that is place where you would be using internet most of time. To check the speed indoors and outdoors, there are certain coverage checkers supplied by each main network providers for example as below : 

O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker — 4G coverage 70%, 3G coverage 92%

Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker — Uses EE’s 3G network, with the UK’s largest coverage. 4G only available to business customers

Vodafone Coverage Checker — 4G LTE Advanced (3x faster than 4G) rolling out in big cities. 4G coverage 68%, 3G 90%

EE Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker — The UK’s best coverage: faster 4G+ in London, double-speed 4G available to 35 million people. 4G coverage 93%, 3G 98%

3 Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker — 4G coverage 63%, 3G coverage 98%, Advanced 3G 80% (Source:

At, we can check signal for any mobile network in UK by putting the Post code. 


Moreover, if you are still not satisfied with performance of Mobile Broadband, All service providing companies allow their customers to end contract within first seven days (terms and conditions apply) with some companies as O2 and Vodafone offering return policy upto 30 days. Another way to check the signal strength is to use the Mobile Phone of the same company before purchasing the Mobile Broadband service. 

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