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Phone system AMC?

How to reduce Phone System Maintenance Costs?
Of all the resources vital for running a business whether small or big, Phone System is a key aspect for important communication. Whether it is about talking to your clients or customers or important message to employees or internal company communication, Phone System is very important.Hence, with growing use of phone systems, the average cost of maintenance and repair has also gone up.So we'll be discussing here as to how can we reduce these maintenance expenses and that in turn can add to our business revenue.
1. Strong Battery Backup
Frequent power cuts can have a negative impact on your business phone systems hardware and also hamper connectivity issues while talking.Hence, we shouldn't compromise on quality here and have a Standard Battery Backup System in order To prevent the equipment from damage. A strong.battery backup system with surge protection ensures that your phone systems is up and running.
2. Use of POE Equipment
The Power Over Ethernet Cable can reduce your costs to.a good extent and Routers and. Switches compatible with the 802.3af POE standard can send electric power alongside data on standard CAT-5 and CAT-6 your voip phones. The POE equipment might be a little expensive but the wiring and installation costs will be reduced on other hand.Moreover, while using POE,a single battery is sufficient to keep your office phones running and the need for multiple battery is not required.
3.Reduce interference from other devices using electromagnetic waves
When your phones are placed in the vicinity of other devices using electromagnetic waves lime microwave etc, it causes interference in the phone system working and slows it down. Hence, adjusting the location of your cordless phones can save your time in raising complaints to the technical department for resolving the issue.
4. All on one communication
Creating all in one communication system is also an important way to reduce your phone maintenance costs. This is possible.through Unified Communications System. In this system, Voip service is merged with other communication data streams in.the business.The implementation of Unified Communications has greatly reduced the business phone maintenance costs as in this method, the telephones can be remotely configured together rather than setting up individually. Moreover, there can be standard security throughout the system and calls can be routed between offices around the globe using standardized extensions. 
5. Opting for On-Site PBX
With global competition and more companies offering affordable PBX service packages, a business can go for installing on site PBX system. Hence,  this will led to your phone system being managed internally without depending on outside contractors to.fix problems in the system.
Hence, these factors discussed above can help in cutting your business maintenance costs to a notable extent. Moreover using high quality phones and supporting equipments like battery and backup system will lead to durability and quick replacement can be avoided. Advice from expert telecom engineer can be taken for various tips for reducing phone maintenance costs.