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Since the introduction of digital communications, PSTN(Public Switched telephone Network) has been the first technology used for voice communications world wide. For years, the web was principally used for information services. With the rise in net penetration and broadband speeds, spoken communication has conjointly become potential on the web.

In uk, business voip apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Ringo(P2P) became in style and square measure giving a troublesome competition to ancient PSTN primarily based voice technologies.Voip phone has several blessings over PSTN decisions and thus have become the popular mode for business business or for running call centers.

Cost effective- Cheaper , compared to the conventional PSTN voice calls.cheaper calls and line rental for Your business with  VoIP
Data service - As voip provider in uk is on the market in a very digital type , operators will offer several complementary services
VoIP has it's own set of limitations, principally associated with security, quality of service and management. 

uk ISPs aren't allowed to own interconnection with PSTN/PLMN networks TRAI pointers, which suggests science primarily based VoIP decisions calls can not be mixed with PSTN call i.e traditional line and mobile calls.

According, to the TRAI regulation, following services square measure allowed-

VoIP to VoIP calls (uk) - Calls starts on a VoIP device and terminates on a VoIP enabled device. Ex- skype to skype calls

Inbound international VoIP calls - As international calls don't come back beneath orbit of TRAI, international arriving calls terminating in VoIP device in uk are measure allowable. you'll begin a VoIP primarily based International arriving centre in uk

International outgoing calls - As international VoIP outgoing calls that originate in uk measure legal, one will begin a VoIP primarily based International outgoing decision centers in uk.Quality VoIP phone service for business in uk

What is not allowable in India?
Calls from a conventional landline/mobile to a VoIP device in India - As intermixing of VoIP and PSTN decision isn't allowable, this is often not legal in India
Calls from a VoIP device to traditional landline/mobile in India.  it's conjointly known as as VoIP dial out and isn't allowable in India.
If you wish to begin VoIP primarily based domestic centre for business PSTN phones, as per TRAI guideline, this is often not allowable in india.

The VoIP telephone is in associate evolving stage in India and TRAI is keeping a keen watch during this space. In coming back months, we are able to expect changes in rules for higher telcommunication services

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