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What is MPLS?

The acronym MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching and is offered as a totally bespoke, secure and private network made for large businesses. This is a private circuit that combines voice, video and data, whilst also connecting multiple sites and remote workers. It is a high speed, reliable network with dedicated QoS (Quality of Service) which allows your business to flexibly prioritise the traffic coming in and our of your business connection.
Another way to look at MPLS is that your web traffic, which are packets of information. These tags or labels that are attached to your packets contain all the relevant data your router or Label Switching Routers need. This allows the router to quickly distinguish exactly what the packet is and where it needs to be sent directly.
This is much more efficient and faster than an IP network, where the router makes decisions based on the ‘next hop’ taking longer for it to reach its final destination. So, whereas a traditional IP based router performs an IP lookup (routing) and determines a next hop, repeating until the destination is reached, an MPLS service finds the final destination router much faster.
How can MPLS benefit your business?
MPLS is becoming a latest standard for many carriers. Thanks to its clever tagging and label reading system, with MPLS businesses will not only enjoy faster connections but have the ability to manage their network traffic. The customer can choose exactly what their line is used for – video, voice, data or a combination of all three, moreover you can engineer as and when the amount of priority given to each traffic.
MPLS is the only perfect way to connect multiple sites and remote workers together, no matter where you are in the world, this allows your business to increase response time and improve application performance. Finding an MPLS provider will also ensure your network does not suffer from latency or slow connectivity. 
An MPLS service can further reduce costs for multi-site enterprises by 10-25% when compared to other connectivity services. With an MPLS network you have an option to add value-added services such as Hosted services or managed VoIP – by choosing one provider for all services you will benefit from high speed connections and fault resolution.