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Your rights as Broadband user in UK

 Your rights as Broadband user in UK

Broadband Comparison

As variety of Telecoms service providers operate in the United Kingdom and customer’s trust a brand for getting satisfactory services in return. The consumers should be protected in one way or other to prevent from getting duped by companies. Many a times we see the actual speed is lower than the advertised speed from best broadband service provider companies. As in UK, there are contract level agreements between consumer and ISP company, there are many rules, regulations ,  guidelines and code of conduct to safeguard your rights and prevent you from being misled. 

What if the actual delivered speed is lower than advertised by the broadband provider?

Suppose as a consumer in UK, you have subscribed for a certain broadband service offering speed upto 100mbps but the actual working speed is lower, then according to Of Com voluntary code of practice provider, the service provider should assist you and work with you to find a solution for the issue. In case the speed is not upto the mark even after that, the service provider should make reduction in your monthly bill upto the mark of reduction in speed. Moreover, as a consumer, you are free to leave the contract in between without any penalty. 

Traffic Management Policy 

Although this is for benefit of users, you might feel neglected if company doesn’t disclose this policy to customers. In Traffic Management, the Broadband provider might put few hidden restrictions based on your usage pattern during peak hours. For example, consumers downloading too many videos might be restricted to do only one video at a time in order to avoid slowing down of speed and other users who might be doing more important official work get even speed. This policy is also executed according to the value of your internet plan and premium customers will get leverage over others. But whatever the case maybe, the Traffic Management Policy should be transparent and none of facts should be hidden from the users. The reason being the customer trust is very important for goodwill of the company.

Unlimited Usage Vs Truly Unlimited 

In order to keep a check on companies advertising Unlimited Internet Plans, we have Adverstising Standards Authority (ASA) in UK. In order to allow a product to be advertised as Truly Unlimited , the broadband deals should not have any hidden traffic management policy according to ASA guidelines. 


Be Happy if your Internet is down from 2019

If you are subscribed to an internet plan in UK, there could be another reason to smile as you might be eligible to receive compensation from early 2019 as this is coming from Ofcom’s automatic compensation system.

So folks, if your broadband provider has signed up a voluntary agreement(Examples are BT,Sky,Virgin Media, Talktalk and Zen Internet). Under terms and conditions of plan, consumer can get compensation for three reasons as mentioned below: 

A consumer signs up for a broadband service or a new phone and there is delay in activation. We get £5 for each day after the agreed date.

The Engineer doesn’t turn up at your place on fixed appointment or cancels the same with less than 24 hrs to go, we get £25 compensation

It takes more than 2 days to fix your broadband issue and we get £8 for each calendar day without internet access. But you won’t get anything if internet goes down due to your fault (For example: wiring damaged because of your fault)


So folks, we can see a lot of privileges as a broadband user in UK and so these rules and regulations only further safeguard the rights of consumers.Feel free to write to Telecoms Supermarket UK for any further clarifications in this regard. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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