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When we talk about AV integration, it's not something for advanced use in today's business environment but the Audio Video integration devices have become a necessity for running your business irrespective of it being big or small. Now what does actually this AV integration mean? Well, for in layman terms, it is the working together of Audio and Video systems in order to give your business The facility to communicate through video conferencing, Audio conferencing, live chat and boardroom or meeting room presentations etc as these are few of the modern day usage of AV integration.
How does it work technically? 
If you know technicality of your car engine, you can make its efficient use and in same manner, understanding your AV integrators will help make best utilization towards achieving your business goals.
Audio video integration means using your earphone(audio device) and camera (video device) simultaneously and you can call in technical terms as integration. Moreover, the process is supported by programming softwares that connects the devices.Hence the process of integration involves connection between the devices through series of switches or matrix devices. In layman terms Matrix technology enables all devices in a house or office within it's range to integrate with each other. But it also ensures data protection and hence password protection prevents intrusion within the range.
Best companies providing AV integration installation and maintenance
Well,it is rightly said that it is easy to buy an elephant but difficult to feed them.Hence,in the same way a perfect maintenance and operation of the AV integration system for your home or office is important in the same way as it's installation. But you don't need to worry as we, at Telecoms Supermarket are there to assist you in choosing the best possible solution for your AV systems. Before making the final decision, we suggest you to keep in mind the following points:
1. The AV integration design should be practical and as per your business requirement
2. The installation should be perfect without flaws as it would help in smooth functioning of the system
3.After Sales service performance should be upto Mark
4. The AV system should be compatible enough while working under pressure to meet project deadlines.
5. The selling company should provide clear training of the system to your company employees for better understanding of the whole system.
Hence, we''ll mention few names who have proved themselves in the field of AV integration.One of them is Modern Radio House based in Delhi.It's partnership with leading international names in AV industry provides them an edge in providing best in class AV integration services. For more details, you can visit their website United States based Profound Technologies is another company providing great service and boasts of solutions to complex AV integration systems in today's business environments.Founded in 1988 by Surinder Singh Kalra based at Kolkata, 5 Core is largest manufacturer of PA equipment and also largest exporter of the same worldwide.
So, the above mentioned are only few of the various names and you can find many more but the basic thing is to analyse your business or home requirements first in.order to install the best equipment.

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