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A business communication system may be a multiline communication system generally utilized in business environments, encompassing systems starting from tiny key phonephone systems to large-scale personal branch exchanges.
Managed Phone System for your crucial Business 
A Good business result needs efficient management in every area and communications is a key factor for every successful business entity.The main purpose of Managed Phone System for any company is to outsource the telecommunications system to a third party and focus on other core areas of their business work.This way,the Organization doesn't need to spend much time and money in installation and maintenance of the telecommunications equipments because these things are looked after by the outsourced vendor. Hence Managed PBX is other term for your Managed Phone System talking in technical terms. 
Hosted PBX and Managed PBX
Hosted PBX is often confused with Managed PBX but there is difference between the two. In hosted PBX, there is no onsite equipment and hence less expensive. It is also feasible for startup companies who don't want to spend much capital. If your business has less than 300 lines,Hosted PBX is right choice, Hosted PBXcan provide you with many benefits. The Managed PBX is a business phone system is outsourced to a third party but equipments are onsite.Hence, in managed pbx, the whole Private Branch Exchange is managed and maintained by the VOIP service provider.Moreover, the cost in Managed PBX is high telecom equipments being in your office premises.
Features of Managed Phone System
The main features of a Managed PBX is it's maintenance including the below mentioned:
1. The service providing company will upgrade the hardware for the client company in Managed PBX system
2. The system administrators from Service Provider will upgrade the software the client company as required
3. All technical issues of the client company will be handled by trained IT team from Service providers.
Understanding your business requirements for finding the best Managed Business PBX solutions provider 
Although you lured by various Companies through advertisements offering different schemes so that you buy their pbx services, we (Telecom Supermarket) suggest you to understand your business telecom requirements first before making a final choice.The telecom and IT networks are merging at a rapid pace .If we look at brand names, Panasonic offers advanced telephone systems that can smoothly integrate into your IT networks. American based Avaya and Cisco are also leading names for providing latest technology telecom equipments.  Hence, even if you are.not sure where to.go, We at Telecoms Supermarket are there to find the best possible solutions for your business telecomcommunications. 

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