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Become an ISP

Are you an aspiring Entrepreneur and want to start an Internet service provider (ISP) or Wireless Internet service provider (WISP) then you have reached the right people. We have more than 4 decades of experience in creating, managing, running and successful execution of Internet service provider business in UK London and abroad. 

Our services includes (But not limited to):

1. ISP license Application

Are you looking to start with your own ISP/WISP business? We can help you with all the nitty gritty of paperwork, license application and even with complete help of starting, managing and running your ISP/WISP business. Our panel of experts include Ex CEO/Owners of ISP businesses in UK London 

2. Starting an ISP or WISP business

Start your own ISP or WISP business either starting with your own brand or getting an ISP franchise from leading Internet service providers in UK London . We can assist you with different ISP or WISP franchise plans and investment options. Easiest part is you manage sales and marketing while your ISP partner manages all the hardware, software and data centre.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions

We can offer cloud based or in-premise propreitary Wi-Fi hotspot software. This captive portal is designed carefully for advertising and monetising your WISP business. Power your Hotspot with secured mobile/OTP based logins with time functions. Generate more profits on your existing network with our powerful Wi-Fi Hotspot solution software.

4. IPTV/OTT package

We can help you to partner or start your own IPTV/OTT platform so you can package your ISP/WISP business and create fantastic offers for your users. Our platform also offers complete monetisation for additional revenue streams for your business. We work with you and for you to earn more.

5. ISP/WISP Hardware & Software

We can offer you complete inventory required to start with your ISP/WISP business. We can offer World class equipment at best prices with fantastic after sale service. Our strength is in complete advisory and execution of FTTx network for your business. We can assure you of best products at best price only with Telecoms Supermarket UK London .

6. Bulk Bandwidth

We can assist you with purchase and sale of bulk bandwidth for your ISP/WISP business. Our relationship with Class-A and Class-B wholesale bandwidth providers can give you extra mileage in your business. Every paisa saved is paisa earned. 


Our Expertise:

1. Business Planning, costing and execution

2.  Hardware, Software and Networking

3. Sales & Marketing strategies

4. Legal compliances

5. ISP/WISP monetisation


Become an ISP in your city, state or UK London  with complete hand held help from World's leading CEO's in ISP/WISP business.

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