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Intellectual Property Rights - Telecoms Supermarket UK 


This Policy statement sets out the way in which Telecoms Supermarket UK deals with Intellectual Property Rights (Known as "IPR").


"Telecoms Supermarket UK is committed to Digital Initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi" and bringing the best plans and deals for users.


Telecoms Supermarket regularly invest significant amount of time and financial resources into Telecoms Industry Research in UK and Worldwide. Therefore Telecoms Supermarket takes resultant IPR very serious.


Telecoms Supermarket is the owner of applied software, trading style, technologies and other valuable business assets including but not limited to trade mark rights, rights in passing off and unfair competition, trade secrets, database rights, design rights and copyrights.


Telecoms Supermarket is registered trademark of Telecoms Supermarket UK Limited for Worldwide use (Under Trade Mark no.: UK00003020248) and used by Telecoms Supermarket UK under exclusive license.



Unauthorised use of Telecoms Supermarket IPR will enforce any violation of it’s IPR’s.



Telecoms Supermarket UK may from time to time consider entering into licensing agreements. It should be understood that every situation is Unique and may not warrant a license at all, or may warrant terms that differ from those offered with regards to other IPR. 


Telecoms Supermarket grants licenses in writing ONLY.


Under no circumstances shall licenses or other transactions involving Telecoms Supermarket UK be understood to convey any implied rights not specified in the formal terms and conditions.


Keywords like Telecoms Supermarket, Telecoms Supermarket UK or any other extension should be not be used without prior approval.


Please feel free to contact for any questions about our licensing policies.