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Telecoms Supermarket UK London - Partners Register


We welcome new partners on board at Telecoms Supermarket UK London . If you are an ISP, service provider, carrier or a business in Telecoms and want to be associated with us, please feel free to contact us.


We also welcome advertisers who want to showcase their products or services, blog writers, content writers, article writers, etc. We will try to get your product or service across as much as eyes as we can.


We look out for all kind of Telecom partners UK London  as below but not limited to (If you have a unique product/service associated with Telecoms and want to associate with us, feel free to contact us):


* Mobile phone manufacturere

* Premium number providers

* Router/LAN installation companies

* VoIP providers

* International minutes providers

* Hosted Call centre providers

* Payment Gateway providers

* Phone system providers

* Leased line providers

* IPLC providers


We would be happy to run your special offers on our platform. 


For all partnership queries, please email