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Finding a great TV plan is easy!

Telecoms Supermarket offers money saving TV plans all round the clock as everything is online. Book your TV plan from anywhere, anytime across UK.

By comparing all of the TV plans from all of the major providers and switching you could save more than £450 a year!

We help Choosing the right package!

TV and Entertainment are lifeline of any home or business. After a tiring day of work, TV gives you not only news update around the World but also entertainement to keep you going - but before we get started, have a think about the following:


Check out if you are interested in getting a SD or HD TV package. Also make sure to check your TV compatibility as it should be HD in order to give you the desired picture quality.


Do you live with kids, adults and old people? You need to check out what channels you want or people in your household would like to see. Why pay for channels you don't watch?

One Package

Some providers do broadband, TV and phone - some even do mobile phones as well. It’s nearly always cheaper and easier to bundle them all together in one package with just the one monthly bill to pay.

What TV Set top box should I go for?

TV set top box depends on your requirements. If you want to record programs while you are watching another program or you are away, you need a TV box with recorder. Also SD/HD set top box as explained above.


Attention -

* Please check plans properly for channels supplied.

* Check out for Standard definition and High definition plans.

* Service Taxes extra as applicable.

* Telecoms Supermarket UK reserves the right to remove/modify the plan with prior notice.

* Activation charges and TV Set top box charges applicable. 

All above plans and offers are subject to directives by OFCOM.


Disclaimer - We strive hard to keep upto date information on our platform. However from time to time providers change the plans or stop the promotion. Please confirm by calling us or check the respective providers website.

*Savings based on switching from separate broadband and phone services to a comparable bundle. Separate services assume standard ongoing annual costs.


* Check what channels you want and pay for channels only what you watch. Check out for local cable options as well as the TV operators. All TV packages come with Set top Box with Smart Card as per government guidelines.

The plans listed above are subject to local availablity and may not be available where you live.

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